While the beauty of a little junk in the trunk can’t be denied, the importance of keeping the weight off your front end can’t be stressed enough.  Whether you’re trying to navigate your way through slick rock or slippery mud, remember how much you need to maintain your balance.  Enter the SMAC SW820 Moto Bar, here to save the day!  The bars start with over 32” of pure aluminum goodness, which means that they can be cut to any length that suits your fancy.  Moving in a little closer, you see an oversize clamping area with a wide platform for a much stronger bar.  Not only much stronger then our competition but lighter too, so you get one of the lightest bars on the market with top-notch performance.  Mix and match the anodized bars with the SMAC LO Grips and create the most beautiful front end you’ve seen since your Grandpa’s 1953 Cadillac.