SMAC Innovations builds the best products around because its founder has years of experience in the industry, bringing Einstein-like knowledge to the development of awesome components.  Shawnee (MAC) McGovern began working as a mechanic over 20 years ago and is widely regarded as one of the best around, operating as the shop manager in Boulder, CO.  He’s seen millions of parts go through every kind of abuse imaginable and used those observations to build sturdier, lighter products that can take a beating and keep you riding on top.

Aside from being an amazing mechanic, Shawnee opened Boulder’s premier Enduro and gravity shop, The Fix, still in operation today over 12 years later.  While at The Fix, he started their race team as well as the Orbit Racing team, a non-profit program geared towards developing youth cycling.  Both of these outlets proved instrumental in guiding the progression of riders who are now racing with the pros.  Their input paired with Shawnee’s mechanical prowess, as well as his own 15 years of racing DH, have put SMAC Innovations at the top of the list for must-have products.  He wanted to develop something better, something perfect, something that made your riding experience more amazing than you ever thought possible.  Trust SMAC because you trust riders, and riders know what riders want.